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The schedule for PERSI's Retirement's A Beach (RAB) workshops is now available online. 

Classes will always show only three months at a time.

Location information will be provided upon registration. 

You can register online by going to: Workshops

You will receive an e-mail confirmation that you have registered for the class; if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your registration to attend the class was not completed.

Please note:  You must have already registered to access your account information online.  If you have not yet registered to access your account information, go to : Members

Click on the link at the bottom of the box that says "Register Now," answer a few questions, and we will e-mail a password to you, which you can then use to register for the workshop.

The RAB workshop is for anyone within about 10 years of retirement.  The  six-hour class offers a two-hour segment on PERSI benefits, and a  four-hour segment on Financial Planning, Social Security, Medicare  and more.

Kari L. Caven | Retirement Specialist | PERSI

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”Helping Idaho Public Employees Build a Secure Retirement”

Build a Secure Retirement


To provide our members and their beneficiaries with reliable, secure, long-term retirement, survivor and disability benefits as specified by law.

To assist our members in planning a secure retirement by providing high-quality, friendly service, retirement education and information.