Student Health


Dear Parents, 8/30/2017

As we enter a new school year maintaining a safe and healthy environment is everyone’s primary goal! To do this we need information from you! When you registered your child we ask for EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION. This gives us Emergency Contact Names and phone numbers if we cannot reach you. This contact information is critical to the school office. If your phone number, address or any of the emergency contacts change you need to notify the school immediately. All emergency numbers must be accurate at all times!

On this form we also ask you of Special Medical Considerations, this includes: Food and Bee Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heat Related Illness, etc. To fully care for your child these are conditions we must know! If your child requires any special medical equipment, ie. epi-pin, inhaler, etc. we need that equipment at school with your signed permission.

Another safety related issue: if you do NOT want to have your child’s name or picture printed in our local newspaper, please let the school know—ASAP!

Not directly a health issue but definitely a nuisance, “head lice”. It is just a matter of time before we have a case of head lice at school. District #101 has a “No Nit” Policy. As much as we want your child at school, this policy will be followed. It is the parent’s responsibility to check your child for this unwanted hitchhiker. The school will provide advice, teach strategies and offer support.

Your follow through with these issues is required. It is with your child’s safety in mind, we ask for assistance.

Nathan Williams, Principal

Karen Moore, RN, School Nurse

Pam Copeland, Office Manager