Computer Lab

  1. Literacy Center Games 
    Great games for kindergarten and early learners. Letter, shapes, numbers, words, writing colors.
  2. Starfall Reading 
    Online books and activities for primary grades.  Tremendous resource.
  3. BBC Words 
    Games with words, letters, word parts.
  4. BBC Numbers 
    Addition and subtraction games.
  5. Gamequarium Keyboarding Games
    Links to several keyboarding games.  There are three pages of links.
  6. Gamequarium Internet Safety Links
    Links to several Internet Safety sites.
  7. Learning Planet 123 Order
    Order games.
  8. Learning Planet Counting
    Counting games.
  9. Julia's Rainbow Corner
    Work with numbers, letters, colors, and sounds at this site.
  10. Online Keyboarding
    17 Keyboarding drills.
  11. Visbone Touch Typing Tutor
    16 Free online typing lessons.
  12. Sense-Lang Typing
    Online program that lets you exercise and learn touch typing.
  13. Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor II
    14 typing lessons with various timings and skill levels
  14. Game Goo
    "Stick with you" early reading and language skills games.
  15. SquirrelNet Google Safe Search
    Safe searching for kids.
  16. FactMonster
    Information about almost everything in the world.
  17. Kidsclick
    Websearch for kids by librarians.
  18. ABCya!
    Kindergarten computer activities and games.
  19. Giselle's Big Back Yard
    Alphabet Goop, Animal Who, and other literacy games for kids
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