Re-Entry 2020

BCMS will follow the BCSD 101 board  approved re-entry plan for the 2020-21 school year.  In that plan, there is a section for building specific procedures.  You will find those additional procedures, specific to the middle school, below.  Here is a video outlining what we have in place.

Entering building:  

Students are expected to arrive after contract hours begin for staff.  We  will take the temperature of everyone entering the building, so we need to make sure we have staff present and on duty when students are arriving.

  1. 6th grade enters the front double doors. 

  2. 7th grade enters at the north doors.

  3. 8th grade enters at the south doors.

  1. There will be 3 bells for passing periods. 

  2. 6th grade first bell, 7th grade second bell, 8th grade third bell.

  3. Elective classes with multi-grade levels will be released on the second bell.

  4. Students are encouraged to use small backpacks/drawstring sports packs to limit contact time with lockers and keep all supplies personal.

  5. Surfaces will be disinfected between each class.

  6. Everyone must walk on the right side of the hallway. No loitering in the hallway.

  7. No hugging or holding hands. 

  8. Bathroom -

    1. All will use hand sanitizer on the way into the bathroom.

    2. All will hand wash on the way out of the bathroom.

    3. There will be monitors between classes to ensure there will not be too many people in the restroom at one time. 

Large Group Gatherings:
  1. We will not be having in-person assemblies at this time. They will be with small groups or  virtually.

  2. Lunch -

    1. All students will be facing one direction if they choose to eat inside the building. 

    2. Socially distancing will be observed when practical. 

    3. Students will be encouraged to eat outside if possible.

    4. Students may need to eat in other locations as designated (gym, library, classrooms, etc.)

Small Group:
  1. When practical, small groups will be kept in cohorts.