Bus Turn Arounds

BUS #23

Driver: Chris Sabin

Blue Sky Road at Mike Cowley’s Driveway

Dyck’s Chevron Parking Loop

Uplander Drive

BUS #2

Driver: Mike Karnes

Customs Loop (Eastport) Good Grief and Hwy 95

Moyie River Road

Mt. Hall Elementary School

Bus Road at Airport

BUS #4

Driver: Jim Stanch

4G’s (Cajun Kitchen)

South Division and Mountain View Road

Intersection Bus Road

BUS #18

Driver: Kit Ague

End of Aspen Road (West of 3 Mile)

Bridge Way Assembly of God Church

End of Chokecherry (Cul-de-sac) Bus Road

Terry Johnson/KG&T Parking Lot On Moonshadow Road

Stockdale/Tom Mackey Shop For Syringa Daycare

BUS #9

Driver: Mike Krupper

Turner Hill/Rocking Tree: Turn Around

Holmes Road (Pull-Off)

Camp 9 Fire Station

Bus Road at Airport

BUS #8

Driver: Cheryl Elsberry

Bus Road at Airport

Moyie Store

Perkins Lake and Curley Creek Road

Curley Creek and Lynx Y (On Accession)

BUS #11

Driver: Robin Harriman

Crossport and Hoot Owl Road(Parker Canyon)

Helena Road at City Pool

BUS #12

Driver: Tom Reed

Circle Drive at Reservation

BUS #7

Driver: Stan Davy

Kootenai Trail and Madison Road/Red Cloud

BUS #20

Driver: Jeff Stanch

Meadow Creek Road at Stan Sweet’s Meadow

French Point Intersection at Bordeaux

Bus Road at Airport

90 Degree Corner Before French Point

BUS #22

Driver: Deanea Merrifield

Trail Creek Road

BUS #10

Driver: Glenna Whitefield

Shiloh Road at Old Logging Road

County Line

Prospector Road

Highlands Flats Drive at Snowmobile Park

BUS #17

Porthill Airport

Driver: Sherlene Johnson

Green Star (Bottom of Copeland Hill)

Porthill Fire Hall (Bradley Dillin)

Highway 1 Porthill Loop

Mt. Hall Elementary School

BUS #21

Driver: Jim Dahlberg

Twenty Mile Road at Mailboxes

Twenty Mile Road at Brandon Regehr Driveway

Sandy Ridge Road at the End

Green Pasture Road at Stoney Trail

Mountain Meadows Road at End Near Mailboxes

Pleasant Valley and Alfalfa Road