Policy Manual - Under Construction

District Policies


WHEREAS, the Idaho Legislature has enacted an education reform package affecting the the contract rights, collective bargaining rights, and timing of various employment related issues involving Idaho public schools; and

WHEREAS, the School District has enacted certain policies and procedures in handbooks, correspondence, official school district policies and procedures, and any such other similar documents that also address various employment and related issues between employees of the School District and the School District itself; and

WHEREAS, the School District is mandated to adhere to the recent legislative changes affecting employment relationships between the District, the local education association and its members as well as individual certificated employees of the District; and

WHEREAS, there exists insufficient time for the School District to examine each and every document, policy, or procedure that may now be in conflict with recent legislative changes;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that any requirement, condition, term, policy, procedure, time deadline, other matter, or document in conflict with the Idaho legislative changes regarding employment relationships, collective bargaining, employee rights, contract terms, and any other condition including any such inconsistency giving greater rights than permitted by newly enacted and existing statutes shall be hereby rescinded and changed to read consistently with the statutes enacted by the Idaho legislature.