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Certified Employee of the Month


BFHS is proud to announce Jessica Hanna as the certified employee of the month for January.  Jessica is in her second year here and has done an outstanding job with the band program.  Jessica graduated from the University of Idaho with her Bachelors degree and spent her first two years teaching K-12 music in Glenns Ferry.  Her next job was teaching band and choir in Homedale.  She spent three years there and during this time obtained her Masters degree from Boise State.  Jessica was raised in Sandpoint and still has family there.  She said she wanted to get back home, away from the big city and back to the forest.  That is what brought her to Bonners Ferry.  When asked what she likes most about Bonners Ferry she had three great answers.  First, she loves her students.  They are enthusiastic, they work hard, and they are not afraid to try new things.  Second, she loves working with the great staff at BFHS.  Third, she really appreciates how supporting and positive the community has been.  She would like to say thank you to all those who have actively supported the band program.  

It is no doubt the band program is in good hands.  We can always count on the pep band for great music and a lot of energy.  Thank you Mrs. Hanna and keep up the good work. 

Today: 2/27/15
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Why do we need a levy?

In 2006 the Idaho legislature took on a bigger role in funding schools when it eliminated $260 million in property taxes that were collected by local schools and replaced it with a 1% sales tax. The first year alone this funding formula generated $210 million in school funding, $50 million less than the previous year. During the recession of 2010, the sales tax formula came up very short. In the years since 2008, the state has cut funding to schools steadily. Last year, the state increased it’s funding slightly, but not enough to make up for years of cuts. 


How many districts are forced to run levies to make up for funding shortfalls? 

This year, 93 out of 115 districts in Idaho are running supplemental property tax levies. 


How much are other districts’ levies? 

      Wallace: $2 million         39.23% of general fund    

      Priest River: $3 million         33.87% of general fund

      Kellogg: $2.7 million          27.51% of general fund

      Sandpoint: $6.8 million         26.20% of general fund

      St. Maries: $1.6 million      20.74% of general fund

      Coeur D’A: $12.4 million    20.65% of general fund

      Bonners Ferry: $1.4 million 14.63% of general fund 

      Bonners Ferry proposed $2.4 would be 22.7% of general fund


Why has our levy amount gone up? 

State funding to Boundary County schools has decreased 21.5% from 2007-2008 levels. Federal funding has decreased 24.7%  from 2007-2008 levels. Our district has also lost the contribution of the federally funded “Safe & Secure Rural Schools” (aka ‘Forest Funds) which contributed $370,000 to the budget the last year. Our district has also taken a hit to the transportation and maintenance budgets and we may face serious maintenance and safety issues in the upcoming year, like a failing roof or buses.


What have we already done to save money?  

Idaho is currently 49th in the country for per pupil spending and spends 36% less than the national average. Our district has already done many things to reduce spending like imposing a 4-day school week, closing Evergreen Elementary, imposing unpaid furlough days, freezing staff salaries for 2 years, consolidating and eliminating bus routes, and reducing purchasing and freezing classroom consumable budgets. Also, as district enrollment has decreased we have adjusted by reducing the number of teachers and programs. There are, however, many fixed costs that can’t be reduced, like infrastructure maintenance, heat, utilities, garbage, and snow removal which have to be absorbed by lower. 

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Big Thank You to the Hall Mountain Fire Department for donating and installing a stainless steel counter top in the Mt. Hall Kitchen.

BCSD Awarded Patriotic Employer

On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Dick Conley, Superintendent; Melanie Staples, School Board Member, and Tim Gering, High School Principal were presented with an award which recognizes them as a PATRIOTIC EMPLOYER for contributing to National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by Supporting Employee Participation in America's National Guard and Reserve Force.
♦   Nominated by Luke Omodt, High School History Teacher and National Guardsman.
♦   Presented by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.


March 10, 2015

Supplemental M&O Levy

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School Nurse Mrs. Karen Moore



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Classified Employee of the Month

January, Classified Employee of the Month – Lori Carpenter

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Mrs. Carpenter was hired last August to run our PE and Music programs. With little time to plan and prepare for her assignment she hit the ground running, and after five months her impact on our school has already been sizable.

Mrs. Carpenter has instantly become part of the Mt. Hall family.  Her personality and energy have won over our students, while her work ethic and flexibility have endeared her to the rest of the staff.  Her positivity and kid-focused approach have made her a perfect fit in the culture of our school.  I have personally been impressed with her ability to plan and deliver quality instruction to our students that is both engaging and rigorous.   

Mrs. Carpenter has brought creativity and fresh ideas to both our Music and PE programs.  Under her direction this year our students participated in a fantastic hour-long elementary Christmas program complete with singing, dancing, props, costumes, and acting.  In PE class she is not only keeping students active, but she has instituted a new recognition incentive for sportsmanship in PE – helping students to recognize the importance of not only playing, but playing the right way.   

It is my hope that Lori’s years of working at our school and in our district are just beginning.  She has made our school a better place and is deserving of this award.

Congratulations Mrs. Carpenter!