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October 27, 2016

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Supt Scoop

Supt Scoop

October 25, 2016

Friends of Boundary County,
    I have enjoyed writing this edition of the “Supt Scoop” to our community. Good things are happening! And yes, challenges will keep us striving for ways to improve. I’ll begin with the best news—Bonners Ferry was awarded the “High 5” grant sponsored by Blue Cross of Idaho. This will bring up to $250,000 into our community and be dedicated to our youth. I look forward to working with Mayor David Sims, Gary Aitkens Jr., Dennis Weed and the community as we measure the best opportunities for our children. This is wonderful and exciting on many levels! On another level of progress, the BCSD is the main reason a fiber optic connection is headed north—this news is tentative at this point. We have met with Fat Beam, a company out of Coeur d’Alene. The School Board will look into this partnership, as well as other business items at our next meeting at 6:00 PM, November 7th, at the District Office. The future is coming, like it or not; let’s make sure we are controlling our own destiny. 
    Last week, a Board of Trustee’s advisory committee, the Executive Council, met to discuss policy and procedures. Of course, student safety is always primary on our minds. To assist and improve instruction we will begin to offer specific and specialized training for our substitute teacher core. With the four day week, there is no time to waste in the classroom. The days of busy work and “baby sitting” are over. I look forward to assisting all our employees and students in becoming more productive. 
    As information is king, another improvement which will help all of us is the new district-wide calendar. Go to our web-site at www.bcsd101.com. The new item we created is on the right hand side of the main page. It is a daily calendar of upcoming events in all Boundary County Schools. I am proud to acknowledge you will see very few, if any, school events on a Wednesday evening after 6:00 PM. A promise I intend to keep! This site is also a great location to keep up on your child’s academic growth. Just get your PowerSchool login from the teacher or school secretaries to track your child’s progress and attendance. 
    Now to address the challenges. I talked with Nurse Moore over the weekend. Head lice is having a banner year. Karen and our volunteers are having a hard time keeping up; it is a real head scratcher! At school we have educated our students in proper etiquette: keep hats, heads and clothing to self; though it is hard to stop hugs and group selfies. We give out RID shampoo and other supplies geared toward control of further spreading. However, unless infested homes take special steps to eradicate the lice, they will continue to catch a ride back into our schools. If we can get enough help, we will complete a district-wide check and maybe get on top of it (so to speak)! Let us know what you can do!
    Finally, BCSD participates annually in a Free & Reduced Lunch Program. Whether or not your child eats hot lunch, we still benefit from the completed forms being turned in. Financial support through the lunch forms comes into our schools in many ways. All information is confidential. Contact Tammy Schneider or the school secretaries for more info. Thanks for helping!!!
Congrats to all of our fall season athletes! Thanks for the efforts in and out of the classroom!

Upcoming Events:
11/3    End 1st Quarter
11/6    End daylight savings time “Fall Back”
11/20  FREE Community Thanksgiving Supper 3:00-7:00 PM in BCMS. Sponsored by the Ministerial Association and BCSD.

Respectfully submitted by 
Gary Pflueger, Supt.

Mrs. Sheila Lavala has supported and taught students in Boundary County School District 101 for the past five years.  She has spent the last 3 years at Valley View Elementary School teaching students in the Title 1 program.  She plays a large role in our Title 1 room and is a leader within our great school.
The staff at VVES appreciate Ms. Lavala’s time, energy, and her positive attitude.  Another colleague stated, “she always puts students first and does a great job keeping them engaged.”  Mrs. Lavala is a wonderful team player who has a heart for all people and treats everyone with kindness.
Mrs. Lavala’s students like her because “she helps us with our work and makes it fun!”  Another student stated, “she makes me laugh while I’m learning.”
Mrs. Lavala has a husband and a son who is a senior at Bonners Ferry High School.  During her free time she enjoys watching her son play football and compete in pole vaulting in the spring.  She also enjoys gardening, organizing events for women throughout the inland northwest and working with her husband at Boundary Marital Arts.   
BCSD 101 is very lucky to have Mrs. Lavala within our district educating and supporting students.

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Joanne Cady is September’s Boundary County School District Certified Employee of the Month!

Joanne Cady is a special person. She has the qualities needed to do her job excellently and displays them daily. She is patient, adaptable, and organized. This school would not operate in the fashion it does without Joanne.  

First and foremost, Joanne is patient. She is able to slowly and calmly deal with issues which would frustrate others quickly. She cares so much for each child she can’t help but make sure they learn no matter how long it takes. She often reminds me to give another chance or try another way in order to make sure the student has the best chance of success.

Joanne is also very adaptable. Her room was recently relocated during a busy time of the year. Rather than be angry she worked with the team to help make her new environment the way she wanted it. She faces a lot of unforeseen circumstances and always adapts to make the best of them.

It takes a lot of organization to do her job and fortunately Joanne has that skill maxed out. She keeps track of students individually not only in her class but in others as well. I can always count on walking in her room to find out what is going on school wide even in other teachers’ classrooms!

I’m not sure how she does it all but Joanne is a lifesaver at our school. I can honestly say I would not be able to do her job and I certainly can’t do mine without her doing hers. Thanks to Joanne’s patience, adaptability, and organization we can rest easy that students at BCMS are well taken care of.

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