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Cal D. Bateman

Boundary County School District's Classified Employee of the Month


Mr. Cal David Bateman was hired as Business Manager of Boundary County School District #101 on February 1st, 2017 and he has not come up for a breath yet! Cal was a member of the Bonners Ferry High School graduating class of 1991. After graduation he spent 19 years working in California, Utah and Texas before returning to “God’s County”. Cal has been heard to say, “Bonners Ferry is the best place to live, ever!” He is forever grateful to have moved back to Northern Idaho.

In 1998, he married extremely well to Melissa Norwood. Since this time they have kept busy creating and raising six other great people: Brady, Seth, Bo, Trey, Callie and Dax. When Cal and his family first moved back to Bonners Ferry, he took a job in the BCSD Transportation Department, driving a daily route and extra-curricular trips. Cal held this position all the while, as he worked on an Accounting Degree at Western Governor’s University.

Cal and Melissa are active in the community socially and spiritually, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Their children participate in athletics, leadership classes and on-stage in drama productions—all of the children are strong students and standouts in their own right! 

We are very fortunate to have Cal working for the Boundary County School District. He is very dedicated to the school program and the community. He works long hours and does more than he needs to do! To describe Cal in a word—honest comes to mind, but so does industrious, forthright, fun, respectful and friend! I have to say, recommending him for the Business Manager position was the best decision I have made to date!

Respectfully submitted by Gary Pflueger

Paul Bonnell 

Boundary County School District’s Employee of the Month


Paul Bonnell is a fantastic teacher and human being. When people hear his name they inevitably bring up positive memories and a smile on their face. I am not surprised then that Mr. Bonnell is September’s Employee of the Month. Mr. Bonnell is an entertaining teacher, a motivational coach, and an all-around helpful person.

Mr. Bonnell is a very energetic and entertaining teacher. I often hear his voice down the hall when I am walking because he is passionate. I might hear his voice while he is reading emphatically from a book or reciting a piece of poetry. I might hear his voice while he is singing a song for his students. I might hear his voice because he is trying to make an important point to his students. His students hear his voice and know he is saying something important and memorable.

Mr. Bonnell is also a coach who tries to get the most out of his student athletes. He is encouraging and positive while his students are running either for cross country or track. He has words of wisdom to help them improve or enjoy the experience. Our cross country numbers are high in part because Mr. Bonnell is a coach students want to be around and with.

Mr. Bonnell is a person you want around when you need a hand. He is quick to volunteer to help when a need arises. He has taken over the school’s Spelling Bee competition when our last coordinator left. He has volunteered to literally make his hands bleed scratching lottery tickets as a fundraiser for our school. He has volunteered to use new testing methods and curriculum when we needed it. People know if they need help and he is around that they will get it.

Paul is a great person to have around. He brings excitement to class. He brings joy to running. He offers help in many areas. Boundary County Middle School is lucky to have a person of such caliber


Mission Statement

The Mission of Boundary County School District #101 is to provide every student, pre K-12, an academically      challenging, relevant, well rounded education that best prepares students for continuing education and workforce preparation and allows them to become accountable, respectful, and successful citizens.

Vision Statement

Boundary County School District #101 will provide a safe and structured environment; free of drugs, violence, and bullying, where all students can grow into productive citizens and lifelong learners. Our administrators, teachers, and staff, coupled with parents and community involvement, are committed to providing a collaborative atmosphere with diverse opportunities to best prepare them for life in the 21st century. We will cultivate well-rounded students through an academically challenging curriculum and focus on providing a place to learn social skills.

Message from Superintendent Pflueger          

All school programs in Boundary County School District #101 have accepted the common theme and challenge of maintaining a SAFE, CIVIL & PRODUCTIVE environment. All students, staff and community members will know, understand and live this three word motto.

The 2017-2018 Continuous Improvement Plan for BCSD was developed by the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Pflueger. Assisting this group are three advisory committees (listed below): the Executive Council, the Facilities Committee and a Financial Understanding Committee.

Each of our five schools will form an active Parent-Teacher Organization; these groups will be guided by the building principals. The collective five parent groups will meet with the superintendent and administrative team in the second semester to discuss the state of the district, monitor progress toward the goals, and share ideas. This is done increase parental and community involvement and fulfill the School Improvement Plan requirement.

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Emergency School Closures

With the winter months at hand, Boundary County School District No. 101 wants to inform patrons that school closures due to weather/road conditions will be announced on the following:

KPND 95.3 FM    
K102 & AM      

Emergency school closure information will be on our emergency telephone line 267-8934.  The District will also be using the power announcement system to notify parents, guardians and staff of any school emergency, including school closures.  It will also be posted on our district’s website at www.bcsd101.com and posted on www.newsbf.com.

Please use these sources to learn of closure information.  Also remember inclement weather may cause buses to be less punctual so dress your children accordingly to meet these conditions.        


Thanksgiving Break

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Christmas Break

December 25th-January 4th

Spring Vacation

April 2nd-5th

Memorial Day

May 28th
Last Day For Seniors May 31st
BFHS Graduation June 2nd
Last Day Of School K-11 June 7th
8th Grade Promotion June 7th
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