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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018-2019

Mission Statement

The Mission of Boundary County School District #101 is to provide every student, pre K-12, an academically challenging, relevant, well rounded education that best prepares students for continuing education and workforce preparation and allows them to become accountable, respectful, and successful citizens.

Vision Statement

Boundary County School District #101 will provide a safe and structured environment; free of drugs, violence, and bullying, where all students can grow into productive citizens and lifelong learners. Our administratorbadger pictures, teachers, and staff, coupled with parents and community involvement, are committed to providing a collaborative atmosphere with diverse opportunities to best prepare them for life in the 21st century. We will cultivate well-rounded students through an academically challenging curriculum and focus on providing a place to learn social skills.

Message from the Superintendent Pflueger          

All school programs in Boundary County School District #101 have accepted the common theme and challenge of maintaining a SAFE, CIVIL & PRODUCTIVE environment. All students, staff and community members will know, understand and live this three word motto.

The 2018-2019 Continuous Improvement Plan for BCSD was developed by the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Pflueger.

Assisting this group are three advisory committees (listed below): the Executive Council, the Facilities Committee and a Financial Understanding Committee.

Each of our five schools will form an active Parent-Teacher Organization; these groups will be guided by the building principals. The collective five parent groups will meet with the superintendent and administrative team in the second semester to discuss the state of the district, monitor progress toward the goals, and share ideas. This is done increase parental and community involvement and fulfill the School Improvement Plan requirement. Continue Reading...

Idaho Code 33-320

Each school district and public charter school in Idaho shall develop and maintain a strategic plan that focuses on improving the student performance of the district or public charter school. The board of trustees and the superintendent shall collaborate on the plan and engage students, parents, educators and the community as appropriate. The board of directors and the administrator of a public charter school shall collaborate on the plan and engage students, parents, educators and the community as appropriate. The strategic plan shall: Be data driven, specifically  in student outcomes, and shall include, but  not be limited to, analyses of demographic data, student achievement  and  growth  data, graduation rates, and college and career  readiness; Set clear and  measurable targets  based  on student  outcomes; Include a clearly developed  and  articulated  vision  and  mission; and  Include key  indicators for monitoring  performance.    Idaho Code 33-320