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This app allows students to design dynamic multimedia presentations from any mobile device. A great way to provide opportunities for creative thinking while building presentations.

This is a real-time classroom management record keeper that focuses engagement and allows for data analysis of student behaviors instantly. Students pick fun avatars while teachers are able to award badges for good behavior and discretely address less-than-desirable behavior. An excellent tool for classroom management.

This app converts different types of units with a single click. Converts distance, speed, temperature and measurements--this could greatly enhance math and science instruction.

This app enables users to take notes, brainstorm, save ideas and share others to look at. This could be utilized by students to collaborate on projects and peer edit each others' work anytime, anywhere.

An app that allows users to download huge PDFs, manuals, and other documents quickly--not only that, but you can annotate and highlight the text! This app will be helpful for students and teachers alike!

Top Lists throughout the years: movies, books, music, tv, games, etc. Shows the best and the worst with new lists coming out weekly. Can browse books, movies and games in a user-friendly manner.

Educators and students have the ability to look up historical dates and find all the information of what happened on that day. They also have the ability to create timelines as well as find links to websites with more information on those dates. for the iPad offers definitions, synonyms and antonyms;also featuring audio pronunciation and voice-to-text search. This app is an excellent tool for building fluency skills and vocabulary capacity.

A million historical events at your fingertips! The database is searchable by date, by event, or by word--helpful for getting facts fast.

This app defines particle types--great for science and physics teachers to be able to show their students an illustration of what different subatomic particles look like.

This app from the National Science Foundation includes videos, pictures, and explanations of a wide variety scientific topics. A great way to enhance science instruction.

Wondering where the world's biggest landfill is? How a windmill generates energy? How many teeth you might find in the mouth of an orca? This is the app for you. Instantly discover the answer to pretty much any question you might have. Hours of individualized fun!

Allows students to takes a close, interactive look at animal, bacteria, and plant cells. Old school diagrams come alive in this app--a great addition to any science lesson!

An app that allows anyone to type or voice-to-text their questions and then get a response instantly. Get answers from the web or get answers personally sent to you. Truly individualized instruction!

Imagine students in a Spanish class actually interacting with fellow students in Spain--with Skype, it's possible. Skype allows for video calls through iPads, iPhones, or computers, helping students and teachers make meaningful connections beyond the walls of the classroom. An excellent 21st century resource!

A 360-degree, touch control sky map that allows users to track stars, galaxies, planets, and satellites, among many other objects in the sky. Essentially, it's a planetarium on a touch screen. Check out the YouTube video--an awesome tutorial:

This app answers questions, does math, instantly get facts, creates plots, has calculators with unit conversions, scientific data and statistics. Student can look up anything from music to mathematics, from physics to languages and sports.

This app allows students to take notes in class, then save them by subject while later on have the ability to share them with friends via the app or print them out. An excellent resource for helping students (and maybe even teachers!) gain better organization skills.

The second generation of Apple's already awesome reader, iBooks 2 now includes interactive textbooks complete with 3D models and videos. Students are not only able to read and interact with the texts, but also notate and highlight, as well as sync with notes from the Notes app. New titles are being added all the time...

An innovative app that allows users to write notes, draw sketches and save it all under different categories. Great for taking notes in meetings and drawing sketches of brilliant new ideas. Users can choose different styles of paper to take and send notes on and send single pages or whole notebooks to colleagues.

A fascinating app that dives into the details of life's smallest unit. Visually stunning movies and interactive activities help students learn what cells look like up close, cellular functions, and the different structures. This app is very interactive and keeps students engaged with the more in-depth details. The graphics are truly amazing and well-designed for middle school-aged students.

The ultimate study guide to Shakespeare! A completely unabridged version with audio soundtrack, explanations, plot summaries, key themes and so much more for students to ace the Shakespeare exam! Current titles include Hamlet, with more on the way soon...

Comic characters navigate the ins and outs of friendship, crushes, and other relationship problems. Quizzes and other features help students distinguish real friends from... the other kind. Part of the popular Middle School Confidential series.

From pop culture to the space race, this app challenges students to correctly place historical events along a timeline. The longer and bigger, the timeline gets the harder it is for students to correctly place events. A fun and creative way to see the order of how things happened in history!

Students will be able to take a journey through space and discover from the smallest of the particles to the moons and beyond! Great for older students to see what space looks like!

An interactive journey that spans nearly 1,000 years. Get a bird's eye view of what was happening in history but then delve down into artifacts and into the profiles of mathematicians! A great app for students to learn how math has impacted nearly every area of study from science to art!

Over 2,700 videos that cover a massive number of topics! From math, to science to chemistry and physics with even some humanities are covered in this app!Download videos, track progress, turn on subtitles and much ore in this innovative and educational app!

Students can design complex structures from tree houses to ferris wheels then it gets tested by a physics engine. They can compete against other students from around the world to build a design that is strong enough but also requires the cheapest materials. A fun way for students to learn physics while learning how to build sound designs and test them!

Students can track classes, homework, tests and assignments! Students can make calendars for themselves then sync it online then receive updates on assignments due!

This app engages students in a global study of seasonal change and wildlife migration. Students can share their own findings with other North American students

A first in the line of e-books! Students experience the periodic table in a whole new, fascinating way! Clear-cut with rich detail all tied in with many facts about each element! Videos, 3D images and rotatable objects help students get a deeper understanding of the elements!

This app can be used whether a student is trying to learn a new language, translate an email or have a conversation! A great app that you can speak to, listen to and it can auto-detect the language that the speakers are speaking in! A great app for teachers and students alike!

This app puts some of the best maps in the palm of your hand! Students and teachers can look up maps, facts and the countries flag all on the clean-cut app by National Geographic!

Students can look up flags of each country, population statistics, geography, government and many other things! This app is vital for students who are researching different countries and culture! This app is also great because it can work offline (no internet connection needed!)

Allows students to collect, highlight and then remember information. Students and teachers alike can online bookmark, highlight and sticky note, collaborate for group-based research and it can be access anywhere and on any device. This tool is vital for teachers and students when looking up information across the internet because of the ability to highlight and make sticky notes on pages.

EasyBib is a free automatic bibliography and citation maker. It is a very handy tools for students to use when trying to create a proper works cited page. Students can choose between 59 different options when citing their sources including websites, books, encyclopedias, the Bible, and many other sources!

Google Docs allows for students and teachers to collaborate on different projects! Multiple students or teachers can be working on the same presentation online. One person can create a page, a presentation or a spreadsheet then share it between multiple people and watch them all add their thoughts and research to the presentation. A FANTASTIC tool for students, teachers, principals, office support and everyone else! allows for students and teachers to easily publish a blog online in an engaging, magazine format. Once create the blog can be shared by adding it to Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites by just clicking a button! Students can also discover and follow other "bloggers" or "curators" online.

Scratch allows for students to create and share their own interactive games, stories, music and art. Students can combine photos music, graphics and sounds easier than ever along with the ability to make them come alive through animation. Scratch also has ScratchEd which is an online community where educators exchange resources, ask questions and receive new ideas.

VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that has images, documents and videos. People can leave comments via video (webcam), text, audio file or through voice (using a mic or telephone). Users can doodle while commenting as well as pick which comments are being shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can be exported to MP3 players or DVDs.

WordPress started out as just a system for blogging but is now also used as a full content management system. It is a free online blogging area that allows students and teachers to connect with the community in a clean, clear-cut blogging format.

EduBlogs is similar to WordPress except for the fact that it is specifically designed for educators in the classroom. It allows teachers to have a great amount of control when creating blogs for their students.

A customizable learning experience that enhances students' language and academic performance. Provides multi-media features including Word Score: which estimates the amount of words that you know as well as vocabulary games.

Use this incredible app to take notes, save interesting webpages, create to-dos and attach images or PDFs.

Lots of praise is being given for this awe-inspiring app! This app gives students and educators alike a clear representation of what America looks like from a Cessna cockpit. Narrated by the pilot on what to look for and describing what is in the current picture.

Wanting to quiz your students at random? Give your screen a shake and a students' name will be drawn and a question given1 Teachers can mix and match the level of difficulty to keep their students on their toes.


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