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Having a teacher's assistant can be handy, but not every school has the budget for such luxuries. But why would anyone need a TA when there's TeacherKit?? This app is a teacher's Swiss Army knife, with tools for classroom organization, behavioural monitoring, and grading. The only thing it doesn't do is teach the class for you.


This app allows users to work on Microsoft documents on the go. As it syncs with the computer, any changes are automatically saved--you'll never have to worry about losing a document again.


An app that allows users to download huge PDFs, manuals, and other documents quickly--not only that, but you can annotate and highlight the text! This app will be helpful for students and teachers alike!


This app enables users to take notes, brainstorm, save ideas and share others to look at. This could be utilized by students to collaborate on projects and peer edit each others' work anytime, anywhere.


Imagine students in a Spanish class actually interacting with fellow students in Spain--with Skype, it's possible. Skype allows for video calls through iPads, iPhones, or computers, helping students and teachers make meaningful connections beyond the walls of the classroom. An excellent 21st century resource!

Google Docs allows for students and teachers to collaborate on different projects! Multiple students or teachers can be working on the same presentation online. One person can create a page, a presentation or a spreadsheet then share it between multiple people and watch them all add their thoughts and research to the presentation. A FANTASTIC tool for students, teachers, principals, office support and everyone else!

VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that has images, documents and videos. People can leave comments via video (webcam), text, audio file or through voice (using a mic or telephone). Users can doodle while commenting as well as pick which comments are being shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can be exported to MP3 players or DVDs.

This app is getting incredible reviews, both in and out of the classroom! Use this incredible app to take notes, save interesting webpages, create to-dos and attach images or PDFs. Create virtual notebooks with your typed or handwritten notes!

Wanting to quiz your students at random? Give your screen a shake and a students' name will be drawn and a question given1 Teachers can mix and match the level of difficulty to keep their students on their toes.

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. This is a great app for educators to be able to teach a lesson then distribute it out to their students to be able to review later. Educators are able to create an animated lesson, add commentary to your photos or even diagram a sports play!

Three Rings allows educators to take pictures of student work and keep track of it online. It is an easy way to organize and present the students' real world work.


This app enables integration between an iPad or iPhone and a SMART board, allowing the teacher to move freely around the classroom while the students can view interactive material in a large format. It takes both the iPad and the SMART board to the next level!

Planboard allows users to easily plan and archive lessons--it's like an instant calendar generator. Even better, the app allows for Common Core standard alignment and integration. There are both free and subscription-based versions available. Great app for teachers at all levels and subject areas.



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