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Annual Report Card

State School Report Card Data

This site provides historical report cards for school years 2006/07 – 2017/18 and is no longer maintained. The new Idaho school, district and state report cards can be found here: Individuals with questions can contact the Assessment and Accountability Department at 208-332-6877 or email Morgan Phillips at

Open the PDF file on this page labeled How to Use the Report Card for information on how to navigate the Report Card application.

Throughout the Report Card, some cells will show a set of dots (…) instead of a number. This indicates the information was redacted in accordance with federal and state student data privacy laws. For details on how data is redacted to protect students, click here for the PDF on the Redaction Rules.

The Report Card began in the 2006-2007 school year. Over the years, the accountability measures required to be produced have varied.

Among the measures you will find for various years are tabs for: Assessment, IRI, NAEP, AYP, Graduation Rate, Teacher Quality, AMO, AAG, Postsecondary data