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1000 Board of Trustees

Continuity of the Board
Goals and Objectives 1000
Legal Status and Operation 1010
Organization and Classification 1020
School Board Elections
Membership 1100
Election 1110
Candidate Orientation 1110P
Taking Office 1120
Oath of Office 1120P
Resignation 1130
Vacancies 1140
Organization and Government of the Board
Annual Organization Meeting 1200
School Board Powers and Duties 1205
Qualifications, Terms and Duties of Board Officers 1210
Clerk-Treasurer 1220
Authorization of Signatures 1230
School Attorney 1240
Authorization of Signatures and Digital Signatures 1260
Management Rights 1300
District Policy 1310
Strategic Planning 1315
Committees 1320
Advisory Committees to the Board 1320P
Executive Council 1330
Administrative Procedures 1340
Principles of Operation
Board/Staff Communications 1400
School Board Use of Electronic Mail and Social Media 1405
Board-Superintendent Relationship 1410
Review of Board Procedures 1415
Trustee Expenses 1420
Trustee Insurance 1430
Board Participation in Activities 1440
Board Meetings and Board Meeting Procedures
Board Meetings 1500
Open Meeting Law Compliance and Cure 1510
School Board Meeting Procedure 1500P
Public Participation in Board Meeting 1520
Request to Appear Before the Board 1520F
Board Meeting News Coverage/Broadcasting & Taping of Board Meetings               1525
Records Available to Public 1530
Records Request Form 1530F
Board Ethics, Growth and Development
Code of Ethics for School Board Members 1600
Conflict of Interest 1610
Trustee Spouse Employment 1615
Annual Goals and Objectives 1620
Evaluation of Board 1630
Board Development Opportunities 1645
New Member Orientation 1650
Memberships 1660