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6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020 Quarter 2, Week 3 (November 18-21)
Posted 11/18/19

6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020


Quarter 2, Week 3 (November 18-21)



  • Wrestling this week: Tuesday at Priest River and Thursday at Kellogg


Grading Periods for BCMS -

• 1st qtr. midterm Oct. 2nd

• End of 1st qtr. Oct. 31

• Conferences Nov. 4-5 (5:00-8:00)

• 2nd qtr. midterm Dec. 5th

• End of 2nd qtr./1st semester January 23rd

• 3rd qtr. midterm Feb. 27th

• End of 3rd qtr. March 26th

• 4th qtr. midterm April 30th

• End of 4th qtr./2nd semester June 4th


Math 1  (Mrs. Brandy Warren).

  • We are continuing Unit 3: Unit Rates and Percentages, Lessons 3-6. 

  • We have 4 Khan Academy lessons due by the end of the day Thursday.  I am not wanting them to worry about it over the holiday break.  

  • Unit 3 L.1-4 Quiz is Thursday 11/21


English/Language Arts (Mrs. Bethany Blackmore) 

  • After practicing R.A.C.E.S. responses last week, we are finishing our own response to Amelia Earhart articles and beginning to investigate topics for our explanatory essays.

  • We are continuing individualized spelling this week. This week most students are practicing words that they misspelled in the narrative essays Mrs. Blackmore has been grading. They have a small yellow workbook they should be completing by Thursday. It is important that they DOUBLE CHECK their spelling on those words!


Reading (Mrs. Jennifer Ansley)

  • STAR results 

  • Point of View/Perspective 

  • Continue Reading goals - 3rd Bingo AR book DUE Dec. 5th


Geography (Mrs. Susan Stolley)

  • 11/18 Turn in Latitude/Longitude Packet #2, Put General and Special Purpose Maps Foldable into Notebook.

  • 11/19 Using Maps the Basic Worksheet, Anser General and Special Maps Questions from Whiteboard

  • 11/20 3-D Maps and Presentation (Solo/1 Partner)

  • 11/21 Landforms Dinosaur Diagram for Notebook


Science (Mr. Jaak Sanders)

  • Test results were quite good . . . thank you

  • Onward to Plate Tectonics.  Videos posted on Google Classroom (code: ezjhuh)


Band (Mrs. Jessica Hanna)

  • Students will be assigned in a video presentations this week to be turned in through Google Classroom by November 21st. (Intermediate Band)


Yearbook (Mrs. Paula Schulte)

  • Viewing practice spreads - looking at layout dos and don’ts


Leadership (Mrs. Kelly Hinthorn)

  • Thursdays are blue and white (Badger) days. 

  • College shirt day is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month… November 6th


Art Class (Ms. Dawn Wagner)

  • Beginning Art Students started an Art/Life Science project today, creating a visual food chain. They are looking at the world as Predator and Prey for this lesson, having fun with who eats whom.


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