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BCMS - 6th Grade Newsletter 2019 - Quarter 2, Week 10 (November 4-7)
Posted 11/4/19

6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020

Quarter 2, Week 10 (November 4-7)


Parent-Teacher Conferences November 4th and 5th (5:00-8:00) In Cafeteria, Electives 7th & 8th Grade will be in the Gym.


Grading Periods for BCMS -

• 1st qtr. midterm Oct. 2nd

• End of 1st qtr. Oct. 31

• Conferences Nov. 4-5 (5:00-8:00)

• 2nd qtr. midterm Dec. 5th

• End of 2nd qtr./1st semester January 23rd

• 3rd qtr. midterm Feb. 27th

• End of 3rd qtr. March 26th

• 4th qtr. midterm April 30th

• End of 4th qtr./2nd semester June 4th


  • Please check in Google Classroom for assignments, rubrics, links, etc.  

Math 1  (Mrs. Brandy Warren).

  • This week we are continuing Unit 2- Ratios & Proportions. We will work on lessons 11-14..

  • We have 6 Khan Academy lessons due by the end of the day Sunday. 

  • Unit 2 test is next Thursday 11/14


English/Language Arts (Mrs. Bethany Blackmore) 

  • Most of us have turned in our narratives, and they are FABULOUS! Mrs. Blackmore is very much enjoying the results of all of our hard work!

  • This week we are completing our benchmark test (more writing!) and we will prepare to begin explanatory writing.

  • We are continuing individualized spelling this week. Students are practicing words they have misspelled in their own writing. They have a small yellow workbook they should be completing by Thursday (Wednesday this week). It is important that they DOUBLE CHECK their spelling on those words!


Reading (Mrs. Jennifer Ansley)

  • Continue plot line, setting, protagonist, antagonist & conflict 

  • Reading goals


Geography (Mrs. Susan Stolley)

  • 11/4: Finish Venn Diagrams and Map Foldables, Latitude/Longitude Worksheet

  • 11/5: Latitude/Longitude Worksheet, Begin Mariner’s Compass

  • 11/6: Mariner’s Compass

  • 11/7: Mariner’s Compass


Science (Mr. Jaak Sanders)

  • Geo Timeline . . .almost done.  There will be a teas on Mon., Nov.11th.  Be on the lookout for a study guide this Thursday.  Emphasis on vocabulary

  • First quarter id done . . . where did the time go? . 


Study Hall/General--Ansley, Blackmore, Sanders, Stolley, Warren


Important Events, Dates, and Information: Please see the BCMS Office for Free and Reduced Lunch Forms. Please ask a teacher or Mrs. Hanna about the BoCo Backpack program.

  • Remember Planner for passes and for missing work during Study Hall.

  • Be Safe, Civil, and Productive.

  • If you have kleenex or cleaning wipes you would like to donate to your study hall teacher, we would greatly appreciate it. 


Band (Mrs. Jessica Hanna)

  • Gathering of the Bands paperwork went out last week, return permission slips and money before the end of the week. (Advanced Band)

  • Students will be assigned in a video presentations this week to be turned in through Google Classroom by November 21st. (Intermediate Band)


Yearbook (Mrs. Paula Schulte)



Leadership (Mrs. Kelly Hinthorn)

  • Thursdays are blue and white (Badger) days. 

  • College shirt day is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month… November 6th


Art Class (Ms. Dawn Wagner)

  • Watch for the “Art to Remember” order forms coming home this week. This is a fundraiser for our Visual Art program, with 25% of all profit coming back to our art program at BCMS.This is also an opportunity to support your students interest in art, by purchasing products with their artwork on them. The order forms have all the instructions on ordering. Ordering on-line is also an option. 


Want to support a teacher in a classroom? Check out and see if any local teachers are needing materials.