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BCMS 6th Grade Newsletter - Quarter 1 - Week 8
Posted 10/21/19

6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020


Quarter 1, Week 8 (October 21-24) 


End of 1st quarter October 31st

Parent-Teacher Conferences November 4th and 5th (5:00-8:00)


Halloween Activities are Thursday Oct. 31st. All students with missing assignments or F’s will not be allowed to participate. 

  • Please check in Google Classroom for assignments, rubrics, links, etc.  

Math 1  (Mrs. Brandy Warren).

  • This week we are continuing Unit 2- Ratios & Proportions. We will work on lessons 4-7.

  • We have 2 Khan Academy lessons due by the end of the day Thursday. 

  • Unit 1 test grades are in the gradebook.  If your student got less than a 70%, they will need to do test corrections, write a reflection, and complete the test review before they are able to retest.  

English/Language Arts (Mrs. Bethany Blackmore) 

  • We are continuing individualized spelling this week. Students are practicing words they have misspelled in their own writing. They have a small yellow workbook they should be completing by Thursday (Wednesday this week). It is important that they DOUBLE CHECK their spelling on those words!

  • We are continuing our work on narratives in Writer’s Workshop. This week we are working with the proper punctuation and formatting for the dialogue in our narratives.

Reading (Mrs. Jennifer Ansley)

  • Notice & Note Signposts  TEST TOMORROW (10/22)

  • Start plot line

  • Continue to work on reading goals: first book report & second Bingo Genre AR test DUE Oct. 31 (next week)

Geography (Mrs. Susan Stolley)

  • 10/21: Finish 5 Themes Island Design Project Presentations

  • 10/22: Map and Map Skills Notes with Frayer Model

  • 10/23: Hemisphere Notes and Foldable

10/24: Cardinal and Intermediate Directions Foldable

Science (Mr. Jaak Sanders)

  • Beginning 10-21 we will study the history of our planet

  • Videos are posted on myGoogleClassroom site

  • Quiz retakes are scheduled for Wednesday, 10-23.

  • Congratulations to all of the students for a great bunch of Lab Safety and Scientific Method.  The winners of the poster-balloting will be receiving a sweet treat for their hard work.

  • Onward to Measurement.  There is a link on the Google Classroom site that may help students get a better grasp on the classroom assignments.

  • From here, we will be getting into the nitty-gritty of Earth Science, by first studying Plate Tectonics . . . 

Study Hall/General--Ansley, Blackmore, Sanders, Stolley, Warren

  • Important Events, Dates, and Information: Please see the BCMS Office for Free and Reduced Lunch Forms. Please ask a teacher or Mrs. Hanna about the BoCo Backpack program.

  • Remember Planner for passes and for missing work during Study Hall.

  • Be Safe, Civil, and Productive.

  • If you have kleenex or cleaning wipes you would like to donate to your study hall teacher, we would greatly appreciate it. 

Band (Mrs. Jessica Hanna)

  • Spaghetti Feed Concert on Tuesday, October 22 at BCMS 5:30 for band students, performance at 6 PM. (All band students)

  • Ticket sheets are due Thursday, Oct. 17 for all band students.

  • Advanced band performance Friday, Oct. 18 at the high school football game.  Meet in the high school band room before 5:45 PM and dress warm!

Yearbook (Mrs. Paula Schulte)


Leadership (Mrs. Kelly Hinthorn)

  • Haunted House at Second Chance Animal Shelter

  • Thursdays are blue and white (Badger) days. 

  • College shirt day is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month… November 6th

  • September Newsletter

Art Class (Ms. Dawn Wagner)


  • Art Classes are starting out with amazing creativity and focus. 

  • This week students will start working on Art to Remember. This is an art class fundraiser, where students will be able to order products with their artwork professionally printed on them. More information will be sent home about this project.

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