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Posted 10/2/19




Oct 3: NO SCHOOL Teacher In Service.

Oct 8: Picture Day

Oct 17: Fall deadline for turning in Box Tops labels.   boxtop 1

Oct 26: Mt Hall Auction—Doors Open @ 4:30 p.m.

Oct 30-Nov 7: Fall Book Fair 

Oct 31: Citizen of the Month Assembly @ 3:15

Halloween Costume Party

Nov 4-7: Parent Teacher Conferences

principals cornerThe school year has been off to a tremendous start. You may have noticed some changes if you’ve been to Mt. Hall. Most notably, our cafeteria is a dedicated cafeteria space. The library was moved over the summer and is now where our computer lab used to be. It was a huge undertaking, and could not have been down without the help of Mrs. Gabriela Solum and her daughter, Isabel who spent many hours during their summer getting the library organized and ready for students. Another huge thank you to Jason and Shandee Alexander for donating their time and materials and painting the library, and to our lovely volunteers who came in this past week and helped get the last of the books organized. The students love their new space. Another new change to Mt. Hall has been a gravel track donated by the City of Bonners and the High Five Grant. One thing our kids love to do is run, so the track is already a huge hit during recess.

A couple of housekeeping notes as we start the school year. First of all, our Lost and Found has already collected quite a few items. At the end of last school year, we had six large garbage bags full of clothes. To cut down on our overflow this year, I will be donating any lost and found items at the end of each month to Boundary Consignment and Hope House. Parents, please encourage your kids to check Lost and Found for misplaced items. The staff is more than happy to help them retrieve their items. During lunch, students have 30 minutes to eat. We have two microwaves in the cafeteria for students to heat up cold lunch items. Please prepare food at home, and only send items that take 30 seconds to heat up. This allows for students to have plenty of time to eat, and everyone use of the microwaves.

As we enter the first week of October please note no school on Thursday. Also, please send warm clothes as winter appears to be coming early this year. Thank you all for a fabulous start to our school year. Until next month, Go Wildcats!



box tops for educationIN THE CLASSROOM



September has been a whirlwind of emotions and activities for our Kindergarten class! Leaving our moms, dads, grandmas, and “memaws” is difficult, but we know that our Mt. Hall School is a safe place and we can explore, learn, and make new friends! 
We have worked on an apple science unit and have learned the different parts of an apple, what we can do with apples and make apple art. We have already learned our first sight words, read our first readers and we are working diligently on our handwriting! Math has been a mix of classifying objects and sorting them into categories. We have started our numbers 1-5 and learning the number words to match the numeral. It has been a wonderful beginning!

1st Grade

In September, our first grade class has been working hard to learn systems that allow us to work together.  We have been talking about how we can be safe, civil and productive in class.  They really are working at making sure to protect everyone’s heart, and it shows in how kind they have been.  In math they have been sharing the different ways that they see, do, and understand math.  This has been fascinating to watch.  They are good at explaining how they solved a problem.  We are also learning how to fix math problems when we double check our work.  I am looking forward to watching this class grow.  They are eager to learn and willing to try hard.  This will be a great year!

2nd Grade

This year has been off to a great start! These students are so productive. On top of showing that they can be safe, civil, and productive, they also strive to do their best in our core subjects as well. We've covered addition and subtraction strategies within 100 and will soon be moving onto measurement. We've talked about text evidence and comparing and contrasting and will move onto summarizing and cause and effect. We've also written friendly letters and are now working on our opinion pieces. Lots of great learning is happening - keep it up second graders!  

3rd Grade

 Welcome back!  3rd grade is off to a wonderful start.  This first month of school has been amazing and the entire class has been extremely productive.  Third grade is a transitional year, before we were learning to read and now we are reading to learn!  Our class challenge this year is to memorize multiplication facts through 10. We’ve been learning these through daily fact sprints and math games.   They are certainly up to the challenge and haven’t wasted a minute getting to work. In reading we started our year off with the basic parts of grammar, like nouns and verbs.  In writing we are working on making complete sentences every time and always starting with an upper case letter and ending with punctuation. I am grateful every day for this class with such bright minds and kind hearts.  We are going to have a wonderful year!

4th Grade

 I am loving getting to know these students again.  We are off to a great start.  We have 2 main focuses this year: "You Will Never Regret Being Kind" and "Progress, Not Perfection."  In math we are focusing on the math practices and place value.  We have started our personal narratives in writing. In science, we are learning about energy.  Ask any 4th grader about our Idaho state symbols.  They are becoming experts.  Its going to be a great year. 

5th Grade

The fifth grade has had a great first month back to school. We have covered rules, expectations, and routines and are now tackling curriculum. We have been reviewing multiplication facts, place value with decimals, and multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. In reading, we have set up our notebooks for our 30 Book Challenge and student have already been finishing books to add to their logs. We  explored what scientists do by conducting some observations and some simple experiments. Finally, the students have enjoyed a few different art projects and I will continue to squeeze them in where I can. I am looking forward to a positive and productive year.  

fall leaves 4