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BCMS prepares for the end of the school year - Mr. David Miles II, Principal
Posted 5/13/19

BCMS Prepares For The End Of The School Year
May 10, 2019

By Principal David Miles II

With just about a month remaining, Boundary County Middle School is wrapping things up in preparation for the end of the year! Seems just last week school was beginning and students were eager to test their new classes and meet new people. Now students and staff alike are looking outside, seeing the nice weather and eagerly awaiting their opportunity to spend time in it more often. 

The school, meanwhile is continuing on and beginning preparations for next year based on what we learned this year. With that said, we have a ton going on to end the month so read on to stay informed ...

Mid-quarter report cards were sent home with students today! Be sure to ask your child to see their progress report as this will be the last one sent home before the final report cards are mailed home at the end of the year. BCMS has standards and expectations which must be met in order for a student to move on to the next grade level so please contact BCMS if the report card you see is not as good as you want it to be or you think may pose a problem for that child to continue on.

Teacher Appreciation has been this week and the teachers at BCMS have been provided with a little something each day this week starting with breakfast provided to them on Monday morning and ending with lunch provided to them today. If you know a teacher, please take a moment to say thank you to them for the work they put in to teach this community’s students. They deserve it!

We finished our ISAT state testing Monday and our early results are looking fantastic! We test all grade levels in math and language arts as well as seventh grade for science. 

So far, every category and grade level except one has an increase in every available metric we use to determine growth, and every category and grade level except one has been higher than the state average! It is fantastic to see students doing their very best and trying hard to prove that our teachers are doing their jobs well. 

Your students are getting a great education at BCMS. We plan to attach student ISAT reports to the final report cards so you can see how your child did on these tests.

Middle school track ended last Friday with the district meet held at Timberlake High School. Our athletes had a strong showing. Our seventh grade girls were crowned champions while every other team garnered a second place finish! More great news for the 70-plus students who participated in track for BCMS this spring.

Our Gear Up grant continues to be very positive and productive so far. Their last activity was taking students to the University of Idaho Engineering Expo on April 26! Next, they will be taking students to North Idaho College on May 14. What a great use of grant funds!

Scheduling has began for our students. Eighth graders have already put in their requests for their high school schedule and our staff is preparing to get requests for next year’s classes at the middle school.

Both our agricultural and advanced art students were able to attend field trips this week.

BCMS has several end of the year events we participate in.
  • Our Forget Me Not Walk, sponsored by our leadership class, will take place on May 16 after school at the track and for the purpose of remembering folks we have lost and to raise money to give a scholarship to one student going on to college. 
  • Move Up Day will be May 21 and schools will send their top grades on to the next school to visit and learn a little bit about where they will be going next year. 
  • Our end of the year Band Finale Concert will be held at 7 p.m.  Tuesday, May 21, in the Becker Auditorium and will celebrate the growth of our great students.
  • Our Silverwood trip for eighth graders will be May 23 to give thanks to those students who are near the end of their three year career at BCMS.
  • Our choir students will give their final concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, in the Becker Auditorium.
  • Reality Town, where eighth grade students act a little bit of real life out, will be June 3.
  • The BCMS Talent Show will be June 4. 
  • Advisory Olympics and promotion practice for our eighth graders will be June 5.
  • Boat Races for seventh grade will be the morning of June 6 and all students will be dismissed at 12:20 p.m. Thursday, June 6. 
  • Promotion for eighth graders will be evening of June 6, followed by the Promotion Dance.

Go Badgers!