Advanced Placement (AP)

Offering more than 30 subjects, the CollegeBoard’s Advanced Placement program enables students to pursue college-level studies—with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both—while still in high school. ~CollegeBoard

Advanced Placement courses can be highly beneficial for high school students. Not only does it show college admission committees that students are challenging themselves and can perform at a higher level of instruction, it can also give students a head start on college credit, saving them time and money. AP courses can also prepare students for the types of classes and workload they will experience in college.

Bonners Ferry High School (BFHS) currently offers six Advanced Placement courses.  These courses are taught at an accelerated pace and at an advanced level of instruction, requiring a greater time commitment to homework and study than non-AP high school courses.

Because our BFHS Advanced Placement teachers have been audited and approved by CollegeBoard, all of Bonners Ferry High School’s AP courses are weighted 5 points on a 4 point scale and are designated as AP on the high school transcript.


While not required, AP exams for each course are offered in the spring. A score of 3, 4, or 5 can earn a student college credit, depending on what the institution’s AP credit policy is. Over 2600 colleges worldwide offer college credit for AP scores. These credits give students a head start, allowing them to save time and money while in college.

Colleges and universities all have different policies on whether or not they accept Advanced Placement credit and what kind of credit they will give for a certain AP test score.


The current cost of an Advanced Placement Exam is $94.00. Juniors and seniors with existing “Advanced Opportunity” program funds may apply it toward the cost of the exam(s). Students will register for these exams online in their AP courses. Assistance will be provided in the classroom concerning available funds and balance due.  Deadline is October 31st.


Mandatory: AP Pre-Administration sessions will be held for AP students to input their personal information (name, address, etc.), prior to examinations.  This will happen during the school day prior to test day.

This process reduces the total examination time by 30 to 40 minutes.  


Students wishing to sit for an AP Exam offered at Bonners Ferry High School must contact Linda McLeish, AP Coordinator, at 208-267-3149 ext. 1108 or email.