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Facilities/Maintenance Locker

Facility Rental


Boundary County School District No. 101


COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                                                                                4215


Facility Rental

Boundary County School District facilities are sometimes available for use by the community. Activities should adhere to the interests of the District and should not interfere with educational programs. First priority is always given to the education of students.

To rent a facility, contact the administrator in charge of the school site.

Review the Community Use of School Facilities for renting Boundary County School District school facilities

Facility Fee Schedule

Group 1—no charge*
The following groups may use Boundary County School District facilities, without charge for meetings, recreational activities, and fund raising activities that benefit students of the District. Charges may be made for use of equipment, custodial services, or personnel overtime.*If the sound and lighting system is used a charge of $20.00 per hour may be issued.

  • Community Education Groups
  • Kiwanis Youth Basketball
  • Federal, State and County Agencies for occasional use
  • Official School Functions
  • Community Orchestra (No donations or gate Receipts)
  • Community Choir (No donations or gate Receipts)

Group 2—see Facility Rental Fee Schedule 4215(S)

  • Community Organizations with 501c3 status
  • Colleges
  • Clubs with 501(c)(3) status
  • Associations with 501(c)(3) status
  • Governmental Agencies—when no fees are charged or used for community meetings
  • Senior Citizens
  • Community Theater
  • Community Orchestra (in which donations are taken)
  • Community Choir (in which donations are taken)

Group 3— see Facility Rental Fee Schedule 4215(S)

  • Businesses
  • Business Organizations
  • Business Recreation Leagues
  • Religious Organizations
  • Professional Productions

Policy History

Revision: 5/9/16