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8000 Non-Instructional Operations

Goals 8000
Transportation 8100
Extracurricular Transportation 8105
Safety Busing 8110
Safety Busing Measuring and Scoring Instrument 8110 Ex.1
Bus Routes, Stops and Non-Transportation Zones 8120
Transportation of Students with Disabilities 8130
Student Conduct on Buses 8140
Rules and Regulations for Student Conduct on Buses 8140P
Unauthorized School Bus Entry 8150
Extra-Curricular Bus Service 8160
District-Owned Vehicles 8170
Bus Driver Requirements and Responsibilities 8180
Use of Wireless Communication Devices by Bus Drivers 8185
Authorization for Different Pick-Up or Delivery Point 8190
Authorization for Different Pick-Up or Delivery Point and Release of Liability           8190F
School Bus Emergencies 8195
Healthy Lifestyles 8200
District Nutrition Committee 8210
Food Services 8220
District Nutrition Standards 8230
District Nutrition Standards Checklist 8230P
Water Consumption/Water Bottle Policy 8235
School Meals 8240
Unpaid School Meal Charges 8241
Competitive Food Services (vending machines, concessions, fund raising, etc.) 8245
Guidelines for Food and Beverages Sold Individually 8250
Teacher-to-Students Incentive 8270
Activity Trips 8300
Fire Drills and Evacuation Plans 8320
Emergency Drills Rules and Procedures 8320P
Food Services 8400
Letter to Households-Free & Reduced-Price School Meals 8400F(1)
Application for Free & Reduced Price School Meals 8400F(2)
Notice of Approval/Denial (Free & Reduced-Price School Meals) 8400F(3)
Nutrition 8410
Risk Management 8500
District Safety 8510
Inspection of School Facilities/Emergency Evacuation Plan 8520
Property Damage 8530
Records Management 8600
Retention of Records 8605
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 8610
Computer Software 8700
School Safety
Emergency School Closure 8800
Safety Policy 8810
Safety Inspection of School Facilities 8810F
Stat Procedures 8815
Student Emergency Drills 8820
Fire Drill Form 8820F
Bomb Threat Procedures for Principals and Supervisors 8820P(1)
Bomb Threat Procedures for Emergency Response Personnel 8820P(2)
Crisis Plan Manual 8830
Mail and Delivery Service 8900