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7000 Financial Management

Goals  7000
Financial Management
Financial Management 7010
Budget and Program Planning 7100
Budget Implementation and Execution 7110
Monthly Finance Report 7115
Budget Adjustments 7120
Accounting System
Accounting System Design 7200
Fixed Assets and Management Discussion and Analysis GASB Statement 34 (Accounting System) 7210
Fund Accounting System (GASB Statement 54) 7215
Documentation and Approval of Claims 7220
Financial Reporting and Audits 7230
Fund Accounting System 7250
Authorized Signatures 7260
Property Records 7270
Notification/Request of Inventoried Records 7270F
Student Activity Funds 7280
Revenues and Grants 7300
Advertising in Schools/Revenue Enhancement                                      7310
Investment Earnings 7320
Allowable Uses for Grant Funds 7330
Payroll Procedures 7400
Restrictions and Procurement Under A Federal Award-Competition 7400P1
Payday Schedules 7410
Salary Deductions 7420
Dues Deductions Payment 7430
Paycheck Disbursal 7435
District Credit Card 7440
District Credit Card Holder Agreement 7440F
Federal Cash Management 7450
Federal Debarment and Suspension 7455
Purchasing - Authorization and Control 7500
Requisition for Purchase 7500F
Time and Effort Documentation 7500F-1
Procurement Under Federal Award 7500P1
Public Works Contracting and Procurement 7501
Public Procurement of Goods and Services 7502
Vendor Relations 7510
School Property Disposal Procedure 7520
Travel Allowances and Expenses 7530
Travel & Expense Reimbursement Form 7530F
Personal Reimbursements 7540
Cash in School Buildings 7560
Federal Cash Management 7580
Financial Emergency
Declaration of Financial Emergency 7600
Declaration of Financial Emergency Resolution 7600FA2
Declaration of Financial Emergency Process 7600P