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5000 Personnel


Goals and Objectives 5000
Hiring Process and Criteria 5100
Employment Recommendation Form 5100F1
Candidate List Form 5100F2
Request for Verification of Certificate Form 5100F3
Authorization of Release of Information 5100F4
Request to Employer Form 5100F5
Administrative Procedure for Recruiting and Hiring of Personnel 5100 P1
Veteran's Preference 5100 P2
Certificated Personnel Reemployment 5105
Informal Review 5107
Criminal History/Background Checks 5110-5110F
Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination 5120
Reporting New Employees 5125
Orientation of Certified Personnel 5130
Administrative Leave 5135
Employee Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct
Provisions of Employment 5200
Certification of Professional Personnel 5205
Work Day 5210
Employee Meetings 5211
Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers 5220
Transfer Request Form 5220F
Accommodating Individuals With Disabilities 5230
Health Examinations 5235
Harassment 5240-5240F
Employee Protection 5245
Staff Complaints and Grievances 5250
Statement of Grievance 5250F
Uniform Grievance Procedure 5250P
Abused and Neglected Child Reporting 5260
Report of Suspected Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect 5260F
Personal Conduct 5270
PSC Code of Ethics 5281
General Teacher Responsibilities and Duties 5282
Non-School Employment 5284
Conflict of Interest 5286
Professional Organizations 5288
Gifts 5290
Solicitations 5292
Community Relations 5294
Professional Employee Representation For Purposes of Negotiations 5295
Professional Publishing and Printing 5296
Political Activity - Staff Participation 5300
Tobacco Free Policy 5310
Drug-Free Workplace 5320
Employee Use of Social Media Sites and Personal Sites 5325
Recommended Practices for Use of Social Media Sites, Including Personal Sites 5325P
Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Usage 5330
Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Use Policy Acknowledgment 5330F
Evaluation of Certificated Personnel 5340
Evaluation IPLP - Teacher 5341F1
Evaluation IPLP - Librarian 5340F2
Evaluation IPLP - Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Professional Development 5340F3
Evaluation IPLP - Counselor 5340F4
Evaluation IPLP - Therapist 5340F5
Evaluation IPLP - School Psychologist 5340F6
Teacher Evaluation Summary 5340F
Goal Setting Guidelines 5340F2
Counselor Evaluation Form 5340F3
Certified Personnel Resignation(Release from Contract) 5350
Photo Identification Badges 5360
Employment Referrals and Prevention of Sexual Abuse 5390
Compensation and Benefits
Leaves of Absence 5400
Personal/Emergency Leave Request Form 5400F1
Personal/Emergency Leave Reimbursement/Carry-Over 5400F2
Sick Leave Donation Program 5404
Sick Leave Donation Agreement 5404F
Sick Leave Bank 5405
Sick Leave Bank Contribution Authorization 5405F1
Sick Leave Bank Grant Request 5405F2
Proof of Illness 5409
Family Medical Leave 5410-5410P
Military Leave 5411
Jury Duty 5412
Witness for Court Appearance Leave 5413
Extended Leave of Absence 5414
Development Opportunities/Professional Leave 5415
Verification of Completion of Professional Development Activity 5415F
Visitation Leave 5416
General Fringe Benefits 5420
School Holidays 5440
Vacation Leave 5450
Workers' Compensation Benefits 5460
Salary Schedule Information 5465
Salary Deductions 5470
Dues Deduction Payments 5475
Retirement 5477
Leadership Premiums 5480
Pay for Performance 5481
Certified Personnel Records
Personnel Files 5500
Procedures for Releasing Personnel Records to Hiring School Districts 5500P
Employee Health and Welfare
Staff Health 5600
Staff Health During Health Emergency 5600C
Prevention of Disease Transmission 5610
Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the Schools 5615
Safety Management Program and District Personnel 5620
Employment Practices
Substitutes 5700
Substitute Hiring Procedure 5701
Substitute Personal Data Sheet/Application 5701F1
Volunteer-Authorization to Release Information 5701F2
Substitute Employee Evaluation Form 5701F3
Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form 5701F4
Substitute Teacher Orientation 5702
General Instructions for Substitute Teachers 5702F
Using Substitute Teachers 5703
Student Teacher Interns as Substitutes 5704
Substitute Teacher Pay Schedule 5705
Classified Substitute Pay Schedule 5706
Teachers' Aides/Paraeducators 5710
Volunteers/Contractors 5720
Volunteer Authorization to Release Information 5720F
Reduction in Force 5740
Employing Retired Teachers and Administration 5750
Classified Employees
Classified Employment and Assignment 5800
Classified Employee Grievance Procedure 5800P
Classified Reassignments and Transfers 5801
Orientation of Classified Personnel 5805
Compensation and Wage Rates 5808
Overtime/Comp-Time Classified Employees 5810
Employee Organizations 5815
Evaluation of Non-Certified Staff 5820
Classified Evaluation Forms
Food Service Director 5820F1
Food Service 5820F2
Maintenance Supervisor 5820F3
Maintenance Custodian II 5820F4
Maintenance Custodian 5820F5
Custodian 5820F5.5
Classroom Aide - Assistant 5820F6
Computer Lab - Assistant 5820F7
Library Aide - Assistant 5820F8
Mentor 5820F9
Sign Language Interpreter 5820F10
Special Education - Title I 5820F11
Speech - Language 5820F12
Clerk-Treasurer Business Manager 5820F13
Accounts Payable 5820F14
Payroll Personnel 5820F15
Assistant Clerk 5820F16
Administrative Secretary 5820F17
High School Bookkeeper 5820F18
Secretary 5820F19
Technology Coordinator 5820F20
Technology Technician 5820F21
Transportation Supervisor 5820F22
Head Mechanic 5820F23
Bus Mechanic 5820F24
Bus Driver or Substitute Driver 5820F25
Special Services Administrative Assistant 5820F26
Transportation Administrative Assistant 5820F27
Athletic Director 5820F28
ISEE/Skyward/PowerSchool Specialist 5820F29
IDLA Site Coordinator-Counselor Assistant 5820F30
Leave of Absence/Separation of Classified Personnel 5822
Resignation of Classified Personnel 5824
School Bus Drivers-Alcohol and Controlled Substances 5830
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers 5835
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers 5835P
DOT Drug Testing Program-Consent Form(Prospective Drivers) 5835F1
DOT Drug Testing Program-Consent Form(Current Drivers) 5835F2
Extra-Curricular Personnel
Hiring of Extra-Curricular Personnel 5900
Extra-Curricular Evaluation Form 5900F1
Post Season Head Coach Evaluation Form 5900F2