Free/Reduced Meals

Provision II Breakfast Program

Dear Parents,
I would like to welcome you all back for the school year 2014-15. Your schools are on Provision II breakfast program. This allows all students to eat breakfast at no charge, in all the schools. Elementary students eat in the lunch room, and secondary eat breakfast in the class room during their first period class each morning.
It’s important that all families fill out the green lunch form whether you’re going to participate in the breakfast/lunch program or not. Schools receive funding for varies programs using the Food Services percentages. All of our meals follow the Federal Nutritional Guidelines as well as the National food Pyramid. 
The district charge policy allows students to charge 4 meals and then the computer locks the student out of his/hers account. All students will be given a sandwich and milk at the cost of the district. It’s our policy to inform the students if they are getting low on money and when they run out.
If you could send this letter back with your students name and e-mail address on, I could add your e-mail to your student’s acct. Nutrikids will then send you a reminder of your student’s low acct. balance.
Meals can be paid for on line at
Meal Prices: Secondary $2.75, Elementary $2.55, Reduced .40 and Milk .30

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact 
Tammy Schneider
Food Service Director 208-267-5519 ext.118 or

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

 Free & Reduced Price Meals

In the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program

Families submitting a complete application may be approved to receive meals free or at a reduced price.  If any household member currently receives food stamps, TAFI, or FDPIR, your student(s) can receive free meals.  If your total household income is the same or less than the amounts on the Income Chart to the right, and you submit a complete application, your student(s) may be approved to receive free or reduced price meals.  Household members do not have to be US citizens for students to qualify for benefits.


Incomplete applications will be denied.