Emergency School Closure Information

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Richard Conley, Superintendent



November 4, 2014



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From:              Dick Conley, Superintendent


RE:                 Emergency School Closures


With the winter months at hand, Boundary County School District No. 101 wants to inform patrons that school closures due to weather/road conditions will be announced on the following:


      RADIO STATIONS                                                            TV STATIONS

            KBFI 1450 AM                                                              KREM TV      Channel 2    

            KPBX 91.9 FM                                                              KXLY TV        Channel 4

            KDRK 94 FM                                                                 KHQ TV         Channel 6

            KPND 95.3 FM

            K102 & AM


Emergency school closure information will be on our emergency telephone line 267-8934. It will also be on our district’s website at www.bcsd101.com and posted on www.newsbf.com.

Please use these sources to learn of closure information.  Also remember inclement weather may cause buses to be less punctual so dress your children accordingly to meet these conditions.