Good Luck Tonight Badgers!

Good Luck Tonight Badgers!

20 Year Enrollment History




Strategic Plan 2014-2015

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Boundary County School District #101 is to provide every student, pre K -12, an academically challenging, relevant, well-rounded education that best prepares students for continuing education and work force preparation and allows them to become accountable, respectful, successful citizens.


Vision Statement

Boundary County School District #101 will provide a safe and structured environment, free of drugs, violence, and bullying, where all students can grow into productive citizens and life-long learners. Our administrators, teachers, and staff, coupled with parents and community involvement, are committed to providing a collaborative atmosphere with diverse opportunities to best prepare them for life in the 21st century. We will cultivate well-rounded students through an academically challenging curriculum and focus on providing a place to learn social skills.


Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to our Strategic Plan for 2014-2015 Academic year.  This is a working document for the Board of Trustees to use in their continued evaluation and planning for the future educational needs of the students and community of Boundary County.  Through your shared knowledge and wisdom you will provide a guide for the District to consider and follow.  As a working document the district will need to continually review, revise, and reconsider our work on this document.  On behalf of the Trustees and administration, we thank you for your time, thoughts and participation in this important work.

Richard Conley


Board of Trustees

Ron Macdonald, Beverly Krichbaum, David Brinkman, Melanie Staples, Nichele Whittaker


Strategic Committee

The Boundary County School Board gathered on July 19, 2014 with members of the School District and community members to begin the planning process for the Strategic Plan.  Members were provided with an overview of the district, test score data and materials for the process. 

The following were present at the July 19th planning session:

Tim Gering, David Carpenter, Dawn Carpenter, Melanie Staples, David Brinkman, Cynthia Stovall, James, Sporl,  Ed De Priest, Teresa Rae, Kelly Hinthorn, Nadine Colegrove, Ron MacDonald, David Sims, Maria Martinez-Sporl, James Sporl, Chuck Newhouse, Ronald R. Smith, Summer MacDonald, Linda McLeish, Travis Blackmore, Beverly Krichbaum, Angie Schnuerle, David Anderson, Michelle Polhemus, Steve Alverez, Kim Norwood, Teresa Mulvaney, Niki Weaver, Jessica Hanna, Rob Pluid, Dan Dinning, and  Dick Conley.