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She is the certified employee of the month for Boundary County School District. Kelly is a mentor and model teacher. She embraces the philosophy of helping every student achieve success every time. Other teachers can go to her when they are struggling and know they will get good advice. She also volunteers so much of her time to help other groups be successful. She is the leader of students at our school and helps the leadership class create wonderful activities. Our school is very lucky to have a person who works as hard as Kelly does. Awesome work Kelly!

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She is the classified employee of the month for Boundary County School District. Darcia can be seen running from place to place helping students as needed. She has a desire to make sure students are doing things correctly and is quick to correct their mistakes while making sure they continue to move on. Darcia is very professional in her duties and despite being pulled in so many directions each day, I’ve never heard her complain. Good job Darcia!


September, Classified Employee of the Month – Bethany Cavender

Bethany has been involved with Naples School for over 20 years as both a professional and parent.  She has worn many hats within our school, and she has worn them well.bethany1.JPG

While employed at Naples School she has held the positions of Reading Specialist., Librarian, Media Specialist, and now Title 1 teacher.  She has also put in many countless hours as a volunteer and contributor to our parent organization.  In addition, she is currently pursuing her teacher credential, and once finished will be a heavily sought after candidate for open teaching positions in our district.   

A common theme throughout Mrs. Cavender’s career has been her willingness to go the extra mile for kids.  As librarian, if you ever needed a good book suggestion you would go see Mrs. Cavender who would happily take the time to help you make a great selection.  Her library, at times, has appeared to be a living jungle as she decorated many scenes to engage the students.  If you walk into her room today you will see a large homemade tree and a room full of fun and splashes of colors. 

In addition to academic instruction many of our students go to Mrs. Cavender for an encouraging word, a hug, or someone willing to listen.  In fact, some of our staff do the same.  Her compassion and caring demeanor is on display daily.

Mrs. Cavender makes work fun for everyone with her witty sense of humor, positive attitude, creativity, and love for chocolate.  She exhibits a continuous concern for students and is willing to put forth extra time and energy toward making her school great.  As a new principal I have appreciated her candor, wisdom, and problem-solving abilities.  She is an educator who truly wants to make a difference – and she truly has!  Naples School is a better place because of her.

Congratulations Mrs. Cavender!

October, Certified Employee of the Month – Julie Dillin

V1.JPGMrs. Dillin has been an educator for 35 years!  For the past 12 years students who have entered Mt. Hall Elementary School have looked forward to the day that they get Mrs. Dillin as their teacher – and for good reason.   

Mrs. Dillin continues to be an excellent role model to her students and her school.  She does an excellent job of showing students what our school’s character traits of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and fairness look like in everyday, practical ways. 

A hallmark of Mrs. Dillin’s career has been her tried and true approach of teaching students in a way that holds them to high standards, pushes them to reach their goals, and makes a lasting impact on their lives that goes beyond the walls of our school. Through her caring and attentive approach students begin to understand their potential.

Mrs. Dillin has been an outstanding employee in our district in part because of her work ethic, positive attitude, creativity, and focus on students.  She exhibits concern for student well-being and is willing to put forth extra time and energy toward making her classroom and school great. 

As a new principal at Mt. Hall I have personally appreciated her candor, wisdom, and willingness to take the lead on school initiatives.  Her self-less nature and love for kids is why she is so appreciated by parents, staff, and students, and why she is deserving of this award.

Congratulations Mrs. Dillin!


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The Mission of Boundary County School District #101 is to provide every student, pre K -12, an academically challenging, relevant, well-rounded education that best prepares students for continuing education and work force preparation and allows them to become accountable, respectful, successful citizens.


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