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Open Address 2016 - 2017

August 23, 2016

Happy New Year……………………SCHOOL, that is!!! I like what I see coming! Summer training and new hires are very strong. In my 39 years in this wonderful profession, I have never been more excited in the possibilities than the ones I see for Boundary County! Our administrative team and school board are stronger than I have ever seen. Expect great things! 

This year all our schools will maintain a simple, easy to understand, three word motto: “SAFE, CIVIL & PRODUCTIVE”. To the freshmen and sophomores who went to Valley View, these will be familiar terms. But, these are far from an elementary school concept. These terms will help all of us improve basic behavioral and academic expectations. This philosophy will lead to advanced performance, daily etiquette, and better relationships. These words are not just a motto, they are a direction! I expect a positive effect in our community, as well. To define these words further: SAFE is both physical and emotional safety. CIVIL behaviors allow us to live in a polite and cooperative society. PRODUCTIVE is accepting our role and responsibility to make it all work by completing given tasks to the best of our ability.  My aim this year is to continue to raise expectations for both students and staff. I believe we can all do our jobs better. 

A second goal for the year is to improve communication. This will be found in a number of categories. First, between our students and staff. Many of our staff have learned the effectiveness of PEAK teaching strategies. Relationship building is at the core of this success. Love and Logic is another tried and true strategy; all staff will begin the year revisiting this basic training. In October, we will offer the theme of Love & Logic to our community along with a free supper. Stay tuned! Improved communication will also be found through a new advisory committee to the Board of Trustees. A Budget and Financial Understanding Committee will be established. Diane Cartwright, our Business Manager has overseen our District’s money for years with ethical care and experience. We are entering the year in a good way thanks to her. Our new Facilities Committee studied our buildings and have recommended necessary repairs. Our Board has established a long term plan for the year. The Finance Committee will further these efforts so we can plan for the unknown, support our employees and give our children the best opportunities for their future. This is another levy year. The plan is our community will enjoy a clear financial picture as we lay out our needs. The Finance Committee will give monthly reports to our Board of Trustees.  Finally, improved communication will be seen in our co-curricular programs. We will of course, continue to play to win! We must become better winners (and losers, if it happens) on the fields and courts, as well as in the stand. Sportsmanship is seen through supporting our students and coaches, not yelling at the refs or booing the other team—these two negative actions only hurt our students and must not happen.

New & transferred employees this year: WELCOME!!! If I missed anyone, please let me know.

Mt. Hall: Aimee Christopherson, Special Education and Tracy Roehmer, 2nd Grade

Naples: Kylee Knelson, 3rd Grade; Jason Murray, 4th Grade; Bethany Cavendar, 5th Grade; Chloe Cavender PE/Art/Music para

VVES: Julie Holly, 2/3 Teacher; Natalie Erickson, PE/ERI para; Jessica McMicheal, ERI; Samantha Tinerella, ERI; Kelli Davis, PreSchool para; Vicki Downing, SpEd para; Cassie Romine, SpEd para; Sandy Moss Kitchen Manager

BCMS: Jacob Garrison, Science; Benjamin Kaiser, Computer Ed; Brandy Warren, math; Amber Flack, Library para; Micah Litteral, SpEd para; Charles Meyers, SpEd para; Marilyn Kesslar, kitchen 

BFHS: Kevin Dinning, Principal; Russell Thorman, Advanced Math; Transfer of Steve Alverez, Computer Ed; Jaycee Atkins, Gear Up; Penny Pruitt, kitchen

So what can you expect this year? As stated, higher expectations and better communication. Your support and input is welcome. I have found all contributions are always better in person than on FACEBOOK. Fact sharing and cooperation/collaboration are always more clear when humans meet face-to-face. With that said, and using the words of an ancient English Philosopher “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need!”; such is life! What I saw at the fair and with the Badger Boosters’ booth, we have the people around us that can lead. As we move into this year, please become and stay involved in your child’s educational program. Through your help and support, your children will enjoy what they deserve. Our focus will remain on the kids; it is their time not ours! 

Respectfully submitted by,

Gary Pflueger

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August 8, 2016

Boundary County School District No. 101

  • Building Workday will be held on Monday, August 29.
  • Teacher In-Service Days are Tuesday & Wednesday, August 30, August 31.
  • Building Day is scheduled for Thursday, September 1.
  • Building Workday is scheduled for Friday, September 2.
  • The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 6, 2016.
  • BCSD#101 has a 4 day school week. Monday - Thursday. There will be no school on Fridays. 

            If Monday is a holiday, school will be in session 3 days that week from            

            Tuesday - Thursday.

  • Secretaries and principals are in their buildings full time as of Monday, August 22nd.

            Students may register at any time during regular school office hours:

Bonners Ferry High School Principal: Kevin Dinning 267-3149
Bonners Ferry High School Athletic Director: Conrad Garner 267-3149
Boundary County Middle School Principal: David Miles 267-5852
Valley View Elementary Principal: Nathan Williams 267-5519
Mount Hall Elementary School Principal: Lisa Iverson 267-5276
Naples Elementary School Principal: Lisa Iverson 267-2956
Special Education/Title I Coordinator: Jim Nash 267-7962
Director of Curriculum/Instruction Robin Merrifield 267-7962


Busing Information regarding bus routes and pick-up/drop-off points can be obtained from Transportation Supervisor Bill Irwin at 267-2425.  Buses will be in full operation and on their regular schedules on Tuesday, September 6.   Those families who qualify for in- lieu of transportation reimbursement can pick up an application at the district office or contact Bill Irwin.

Handbooks and free/reduced meal forms will be sent home with students during the first week of school. School calendars are online and are also included as part of the student handbooks for year round referral.  Extra copies of the handbooks are kept at each school office.  Information concerning food service can be obtained from Food Service Director, Tammy Schneider at 267-5519. The first day of meals for students is Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Student insurance forms are available at each of the school offices.  It is imperative that a child participating in sports have insurance coverage.

School entry age is explicit in Idaho Code.  For entry into Kindergarten, a child must be five (5) years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which the child is to enroll.  For a child enrolling in first grade, the age of six (6) years must be reached on or before the first day of September of the year in which the child is to enroll.  If a child has completed a kindergarten program but is not six on or before September 1st of the year of enrollment, that child shall be able to enter first gradeThe Idaho Legislature has not allowed for any flexibility in the law.

Pre-registration is NOT required for any student who is currently enrolled in Boundary County School District No. 101 schools.  A copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunization is required for incoming students of all ages.

Emergency school closure information is accessible via telephone line: 267-8934. This number is a recording and provides information for emergency school closure and an update of selective district activity.  The district also utilizes an auto-call information software when there is an emergency school closure. You may also access the district’s website for more information at www.bcsd101.com.  If you wish to contact the superintendent, Gary Pflueger, he can be reached at the district office, 267-3146.



Labor Day, No School September 5
First Day of School September 6
District In-Service, No School October 6-7
Thanksgiving Vacation, No School November 23-24
Christmas Vacation, No School December 26-January 5
Return To School January 9
Civil Rights Day, No School January 16
President's Day, No School February 20
Spring Break, No School April 3-6
Memorial Day, No School May 29
Last Day For Seniors June 1
Last Day of School K-11 June 8


Food Services Available When Schools Out

The summer meal programs are funded

by the USDA No applications necessary.

The program rules are:

>Meals can’t be served 1 minute before /1 minute after serving times.

>All meals must be eaten on site.

>Adults may not eat any part of the child’s meal.

>Adults may purchase a meal for $3.60.

If you are bringing a large group (more than 10) please call 946-9844 to leave a message with head count. 




Is Available To ALL Children Between The Ages Of 1-18




(Naples will not be having camp July 5th & 7th, or August 2nd, & 4th)


12:00 PM -12:30 PM


3:00 PM -3:30 PM

Today: 8/28/16
12:00 AM BFHS Athletic Schedules

Food Service

School Year 2016 - 2017 Meal Information

Parents & Guardians

Apply for Free & Reduced Price Meals
In the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program



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